Frequently Asked Questions...
A Tuesday's Girl is a very unique and talented individual. Each and every Tuesday's Girl is extremely talented and they pride themselves on maintaining their beauty and toned shapely bodies.
Tuesday's Girls are beautiful, charismatic and professional and will add excitement to any project.Tuesday's Girls are specialized in a dazzling variety of entertainment.
We have promotional, fitness, print and runway models.We have singers, dancers, choreographers, actresses and much more!

It is impossible to provide a pricing list for Tuesday's Girls rates. The fees are based on each girl's experience and project requirements.
We represent a large number of girls with a vast array of promotional, performance and modeling experience and as such, rates vary depending on the return on investment provided by our more experienced girls. We require higher rates for talent who are expected to perform specialized tasks.
We have excited young models eager to gain more experience in the promotional modeling business and for their services we can provide pricing. For our more experienced and recognizable talent there are higher rates. These rates reflect monies for services rendered, travel time and expenses.
For any projects outside of promotional modeling (i.e.: acting, singing, runway, print, commercial, etc.) you may select the talent you feel are most appropriate for your project or campaign and we will begin negotiations at that time. Tuesday's Girls represents many of the industries top talent and we are committed to providing you with a large return on your investment. Every one of our girls performs to high standards and provides an invaluable service for which they should be compensated.
For on-site promotions we only book our girls in multiples of two or more. However, we strongly suggest a three girl minimum for the following reasons:

1. Safety - There is always strength in numbers and we must ensure the safety of our spokes models.
2. Convenience - Often girls will be able to arrive together and will feel more comfortable and outgoing working as a team.
3. Impact - The more girls you involve, the bigger the impact you have. As we are sure you are well aware, "brand loyalty" is becoming a thing of the past and purchases are often made as a result of pricing or marketing strategies. This is why you need to create an experience for the consumer, one that they can associate with your product.

*What better way to leave a lasting impression than with a multitude of gorgeous, dynamic models endorsing your product! This creates brand recognition and consumers will be drawn to your product!
As a Tuesday's Girls client you always have the option of selecting from our entire network.
If however, you need to ensure that the model has a specific talent or experience, our "Advanced Search" option will prove to be an invaluable asset! In this option you will be able to search for specific qualifications (i.e.: promotional, print, runway, fitness, acting, singing etc.). This function will, at the very least, help eliminate models not appropriate for the project and help set you in the right direction. If you still are unsure, that is what we are here for.

We can accurately recommend who is perfect for each individual job, so forward us an email or include this dilemma in your booking request and we will help handpick the perfect girls for the job.
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