How Do You Start?

Below are three basic steps required for the business development process:

Step 1 :Complete our online registration form. Submit a brief description of yourself.

Step 2 :Log in and upload photos: you may upload a maximum of 20 photos. Be sure to include a full body and close-up headshot.*ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, NO NUDE OR DISTASTEFUL PICTURES WILL BE ACCEPTED*

Step 3 :Once your profile has been submitted we will do a basic evaluation and you will receive an e-mail within ten business days to advise you of your membership status.

If you have all the qualities we look for in a Tuesday's Girl.When you have been accepted to our team at Tuesday's Girls we will invite you to take some high quality digital photographs. The photo shoot is available at absolutely no charge to you. The pictures will be used for the Tuesday's Girls website and print material. You will receive a complete copy of all the pictures on a compact disc for you to use as you see fit.

We charge a flat 20% agency commission plus our standard booking fee.

Tuesday's Girls does not seek to make profit on our models.


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