Do's & Dont's...


  • Submit photos that are in good taste.
  • Submit clear photos that are in focus.
  • Submit at least one close-up headshot.
  • Submit at least one photo in a two-piece swimsuit.
  • Keep make-up to a minimum in at least two photos.
  • Keep hairstyles simple and well groomed.
  • Keep clothing simple and in good taste.
  • Do not submit photos that are suggestive in nature.
  • There is a difference between sexy and trashy.
  • Do not submit photos with anyone else in the photo but you.
  • Do not wear hats, gloves, long gowns, jewelry or sunglasses.
  • Do not use special effects on your photos.
  • Do not submit photos where you are too far away to be seen.
  • Do not send a written description of yourself in lieu of photos.


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