A Tuesday's Girl is a very unique and talented individual. Each and every Tuesday's Girl is extremely talented and they pride themselves on maintaining their beauty and toned shapely bodies. Tuesday's Girls are beautiful, charismatic and professional and will add excitement to any project.Tuesday's Girls are specialized in a dazzling variety of entertainment. We have promotional, fitness, print and runway models.We have singers, dancers, choreographers, actresses and much more!
If you think you have what it takes to become a Tuesday's Girl, please go to How Do You Start in the Become a Tuesday's Talent section. The fun and excitement of the modeling and entertainment industry is that no two jobs are the same. Because of this, a Tuesday's Girl must always be able to adapt to her surroundings while maintaining proper Tuesday's Girls performance protocol. Tuesday's Girls work on-site promotions, live events, in-studio performances and anywhere our clients require our services. Our environments are forever changing and we must be ready for anything! Tuesday's Girls have proven to our client base that utilizing the talents of beautiful women is invaluable and we keep them coming back for more!

  • A Tuesday's Girl should conduct herself with superior professionalism at all times. Ensure you leave all personal matters at home while working
  • Be professional and respectful (represent brand appropriately).
  • Arrive on time and be prepared to work throughout the entire event. This is a very fast paced business and if you miss your call time you will get left behind.
  • Dress appropriately according to brand request.
  • Maintain product knowledge to effectively promote sales (know brand, event price, switching and converting).
  • You must maintain an attractive image and strong sales attitude. Tuesday's Girls stay ahead of the competition by presenting positive attitudes, a dedicated work ethic and toned shapely bodies!
  • Interact with the customers. Be attentive and enthusiastic; do not linger too long with one person or group (make rounds accordingly).
  • Absolutely NO drinking alcoholic beverages during promotion.
  • NO chaperones (boyfriends, friends, family).
  • Only leave venue upon completion of promotion (consult with rep).
  • Avoid being alone with reps or patrons or make unnecessary stops going home.
  • Work safely and have fun!
No. If you are a model with our agency, your photos are completely necessary and mandatory on our site. It would be extremely unprofessional of our agency as well as time consuming for our clients to be directed to dozens of individual websites. In addition, our agency must maintain control over the quality of photos and the manner in which our models our represented. By allowing models to use individual websites, we would be unable to maintain quality control. Clients want to book models quickly from an established and professional agency. Our website is accessed 24 hours a day by advertising agencies, magazine editors, photographers, stylists, clothing manufacturers, casting directors, international model agents, and scouts. New models are often surprised when an agency edits down their photos. Most models believe that having a lot of photos to show clients is a good thing, when often they are proved wrong. You want to show your best and strongest photos only. That may even mean only one out of ten. A client may easily think you look perfect for a job in one photo and then looks at other photos where you do not look your best and you can lose the job. When we choose a photo we look at many factors such as lighting, body position, clothing and the attitude or expression the model portrays. If the photos are basically the same style or do not create a different mood or expression then we may have to cut a few pictures. Tuesday's Girls does not seek profit from establishing a model. We will invest time and money to ensure each Tuesday's Girls is well equipped to represent both she and the agency in a professional and productive manner. It has been a cornerstone of Tuesday's Girls since we opened the doors to recruit quality talent and while ensuring quality training, portfolios and résumés to land high profile projects! They will usually be edited down to show only the very best one. Also, as a general rule, we do not use more than one photo (two at the most) of the same style or where the model is wearing the same outfit. You also do not need more than one black and white headshot at a time. As for a representation fee, we charge a flat 20% agency commission plus any hard cost associated booking the bigger projects. Please click here for detailed Do's and Don'ts when submitting photos. Yes, we do represent parts models (model hands, feet, legs and other body parts). A proven track record, studio quality pictures, and an endorsement from a current Tuesday's Girl.


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